Hotmail SMTP Settings – Configure SMTP Server of Hotmail

Hotmail provides an option to its user to use email account with other clients like outlook, Thunderbird or Mozilla for this Hotmail SMTP settings are needed to setup the email server according to the required configuration.

If you are setting up your Hotmail SMTP server to initiate an online campaign, you should know about the covenants which Hotmail own SMTP server puts on the outgoing mails. The limit in which you are bound to send mails from Hotmail account is 300 mails per day and each mail can contain maximum of 100 recipients. So, avoid Hotmail account if you are going to use it for email campaigns out there are many other paid services for this which you can buy out. Some free services also offer you an account to send bulk emails one time in their DEMO versions.

Hotmail SMTP Settings in 5 Steps

Open the dialog box of SMTP server settings, from where it is available (according to your email application) and enter the details given as follow in the respective field

SMTP Server Name:

Email Client Username: Your Hotmail Email address

Email Client Password: Your Hotmail Account Password

SMTP Port: 25 or 465

Hotmail Inbox – Unable to Open My Windows Live Inbox

How to open Hotmail inbox which is popular messaging interface offered by Microsoft and millions of people are opening on daily basis and experiencing the exciting features. As Hotmail is extraordinary free email service web base internet service provider and it is not difficult to excess the inbox and check the recent emails in your inbox, start writing new emails and send it, delete the unwanted emails from spam.

Hotmail Inbox – Unable to Open My Windows Live Inbox

To access the inbox of Hotmail you’re required to login & sign in, enter the user name and password and press blue Sing in button then wait to load the next page. Of course it is the landing page of Hotmail and usually called the inbox of Hotmail and write away start official work at your desktop, pc, smartphones, Android devices and iOS.

Microsoft Windows web base Hotmail is offering exciting inbox customization feature to manage the messaging emails, create folder and give them name, shorting order of emails, powerful search option to find out your content, flag the emails up in order which you think important.

If You Unable to Open the Hotmail Inbox

Sometime people try to open the Hotmail by doing log in process to check the personal emails. If you enter the password and re-agree all the privacy statements will refresh the page again and again and you will not able to open the email account.

Be attentive to refresh the browser and clear the internet cache and cookies and try it again by enter the correct user name and password, hopefully you will able to open the inbox of Hotmail.

Windows Live Hotmail login

There is no difference between Windows live Hotmail login and Outlook, it all work same for you but Microsoft working continuously to add-on new email features and revamp the brand name with You can easily access your Hotmail email account by login procedure.

Windows live Hotmail is functioning with Outlook and all Windows users can use this to subscribe the Windows live Hotmail. This is nice to sends or receives the emails by using the email account of Windows Hotmail. By using the interface of Outlook and create the archive to store messages locally.

How to Access Windows Live Hotmail Login in Outlook 2010

  • Just select the file/ info at Outlook mail
  • Then click the add button
  • If you are confirm that email account is selected
  • Fill the name under the option YES
  • Type your email ID or Windows live Hotmail address
  • Enter the password twice a time
  • And click the next button to finish the process

Bookmark MSN Hotmail Inbox

You can easily bookmark MSN Hotmail inbox by Sign in the; new users are required to create new account to take benefit of bookmark feature. So we assume you are existing member of MSN Hotmail and looking to solve this issue.

Here our Hotmail experts will guide you all tips & tricks in simple and easy way to resolve the email related problems, just stay and keep reading this article to bookmark the MSN Hotmail inbox.

If you are frequently using interface then it is highly desired to free yourself from headache of again and again sing in and sign out Hotmail and willing book mark the MSN Hotmail inbox to make the life easy.

But keep remember that other people don’t have access to your computer, otherwise they can easily access the inbox of Hotmail. So let’s start how to bookmark Hotmail interface.

Bookmark MSN Hotmail Inbox

  • You can easily create favorite or bookmark Hotmail inbox of MSN, open the browse and follow the link to create the favorite and new bookmark.
  • Give the appropriate name of new bookmark such as My Hotmail inbox
  • Now by using the new created inbox visit the Hotmail login page
  • Now again enter the login information and confirm that ‘remember my password’ options is checked
  • Click the sign in button to access your Hotmail inbox
  • You have successfully bookmark the MSN Hotmail inbox and you are not required to enter the user name and password again

How to Close Hotmail Account – 4 Steps

Microsoft still claims that it has millions of Hotmail users, on the other side quantity of searches for how to close Hotmail account increases day by day. May be Microsoft saying right and the figure may include huge number of people who don’t use their Hotmail account and thus includes a huge number of idle accounts. You can close your Hotmail account or outlook account by using simple steps written below but you should consider some actions before deleting your Hotmail account and ending up its life. Primarily you should backup all of your important data on the account which may be placed either on OneDrive, Xbox purchases, Microsoft Store purchases, Emails, contacts & others.

Consider Complexities for Closing Hotmail Account

Before you complete all the procedures for closing your Hotmail account, you should consider some complexities you may face after closing your account. The ramifications which you may confront with should be solved at earlier stage and with great care, this will avoid any repentance when you confront with any problem in your life.

  • Utilize all of the money in your paid account
  • Pay any outstanding balance
  • Now scrub your paid account
  • Inform people (Contacts) about deleting this account
  • Back-Up your data & Contacts
  • Review the services affected by closing this account

How To Close Hotmail Account In 4 Steps

  • Open this window in your browser to Close Hotmail Account
  • On the sign in screen enter the details of username & password, and then you will be taken to ownership verification page.
  • Here you have to verify your ownership to that specific Hotmail account, select the option to receive verification code which you feel fast and more reachable for you.
  • Provide a reason, for which you are going to close your Microsoft Hotmail account.
  • Submit your request to close your Hotmail account.

We hope that this article about how to close Hotmail account will help you a lot, if you find this perfect you should share it on Facebook or Twitter so that this useful information can be out from this website for the benefits of others.

Remember That..!

Your account will be deleted from Microsoft Database within 60-days, you can normally sign in to your account during these 60 days but after this period the username will be available for new registration, and all the data, contact & emails will be removed within these 60 days.

OneDrive Login – Sign In Microsoft

OneDrive login is prodigious feature and cloud base system for storing and managing the documents and files online. Previously called Skype drive is now known as OneDrive , you are required to sign in first OneDrive to access all amazing cloud storage features.

It is easy and simple to store your entire document, share photos, videos content anywhere you are looking to share by using any app, device, smartphones supported by Android and iOS. Here we will provide you the complete help of OneDrive.


The method of using OneDrive is very convenient, for example files already store in the PC can be shifted to OneDrive by copy or moving (drag & drop) method. Whenever you save the file you have the option to save on OneDrive.

Now you can get all your documents or file from any device by login from OneDrive and get it easily to share your community. Initially OneDrive will offer you free 15 GB space for first Sign in.

How to Sign in OneDrive

For OneDrive login you need to browse the official page by enter the this link and start the sign up process, if you are already member then enter the email address and password to connect it.

How to Download One Drive

You can download OneDrive for Windows, Android, Mac OSX, iOS, Window Phone, Xbox by vising the given links.

OneDrive for Windows

OneDrive for Android

OneDrive for Mac OSX

OneDrive for iOS

OneDrive for Window Phone

OneDrive for Xbox

How to Add File to OneDrive

  • At your Start screen, tap to OneDrive to open the OneDrive app
  • You need to click the folders to browse the location on OneDrive where you are looking to add the files.
  • Now Swipe in top or bottom edge of the screen or right-click to open the app commands, and click to start Add files.
  • Browse all files you are looking to upload, now click to select them all, and then tap or click Copy to OneDrive.

Hotmail Outlook Notes – Setup Vacation Message in Outlook

Hotmail Outlook notes is the great feature while you have planned a holiday and to manage the customers and contact members while you will not hear them anymore. Hotmail help you with note feature to automatically set up the notifications for contact list and inform them when you will be back.

You can set up vacation messages in Hotmail is vital, if you are planning a vacation or business trip and also willing to avoid frustrated contacts!

Hotmail Outlook notes

How to Set Up Hotmail Outlook Vacation Messages

  • You can set up Hotmail vacation messages, first log in the account and click the gear icon in the upper right corner. From the menu, select Options. The Options window will open. On the left side click Email Organize> vacation messages.
  • You can see that the options for the organization of vacation messages with gray color and you are not been able to edit it. You can enable these options, by send the notices of absences button.
  • Wait for the options have been activated, you can move forward by selecting a start and end date for sending vacation messages (for example, first and last day of your holiday). All is done by ‘Only through this time send’ selects.
  • Start your write up and recipient will receive a text message into the text field. Click Save. It is done holiday message.

How to Delete Hotmail Account : Close your Microsoft account

Hotmail was the most famous public email service in 1990s if you still have a Hotmail account & want to know how to delete it read this article in detail. People in this century moves to other services for their free email account instead of Hotmail, many reasons under lie behind the scenario which works for the down fall of Hotmail in the real world. Some of the main reason includes the obsolete user interface, bad user experience and growing number of errors in service. Microsoft tried hard to overcome the problem and in steps include the introduction of in 2013 and transition of in to it which shows some deep work on the service in the term of design, user interface and options available for the service deliverance. First of all read the prerequisites carefully before attempting to read content about how to delete Hotmail account.

Prerequisites For Deleting Hotmail Account

  • Change the account status from paid to a free account. you can’t delete a Hotmail account which is linked to paid subscription
  • The account will automatically closes after the duration of 365-days of inactivity. Another point to note that is by using the process explained below, you are submitting a request to delete your account which may take about 270 days to actually delete your account from the data base completely.
  • If you want to delete an account permanently, you must have to delete it on all of the domains like, and others. (all the domains on which you have signed in to)
  • You will also need an internet connection with a good speed to browse internet and a better performing PC to support the internet speed delivery perfectly.
  • Spend all the money in your account by purchasing things from Xbox or Windows Store. See your Account Balance by Signing in to Account
  • To cancel the subscriptions linked to your Hotmail account Visit this link Sign in To See Subscriptions & Plans on Microsoft Account Website
  • Inform your contact about deleting your account, and tell them the other way they can contact you.
  • If you have thousands of contacts, “Send them an automatic Email” for this click on the Settings button at the top right corner and select Options from the drop-down
  • From the new screen select the Send Automated Vacation Replies under the heading saying Managing Your Account.
  • Back Up your Data, make a backup of your important data which you don’t want to lost, that may be emails, documents, pictures, data on Health Vault, buying history, Skype contacts, messenger contacts data etc.
  • Don’t forget to manage your kid’s Hotmail account; if you delete your account, then your child will need parent consent before using many of Microsoft services like Xbox, Windows tablet, Windows Phone etc. you can give your consent from another account, point to remember is that your child’s account will not be closed even yours is.

Delete Hotmail Account in 6 Steps

From the right corner of your Hotmail inbox, click on the Settings icon and select Options. A new screen will appear.

Now click on the Account Details (password, addresses & time zone) here you will find an option to close your account. Select this and follow the instruction.

Delete Hotmail Account

How to Delete Hotmail Account : Close your Microsoft account Method 2

  1. Open directly Close Account Confirmation Page
  2. Sign in to your account and verify your ownership of account.
  3. Cross check the email account which you want to delete and move Next
  4. Now cross check the list points from the new screen & mark them to confirm that you have over-viewed it
  5. Now select the reason for which you are closing the account
  6. Finally select Mark account for closure

Now wait 60 days until Microsoft permanently deletes your account from its database, if you want to take some important date which you forget during recent backup time, you can take it within those 60 days of processing for account closing.

Hotmail Sign in – Hotmail Login Page –

Hotmail sign in service mainly provided by Using outlook login, you can check your Hotmail login email. In this article, we will explain how to check your Hotmail signin log from your smartphone or any other devices at This is a free email service that is designed and developed by Microsoft. Earlier, this email service is known as Hotmail but, in 2012, Microsoft changed the name of Hotmail email service to Microsoft Outlook.


Hotmail Login Page – signin

It is a very simple task to log in to your Hotmail account. You need to provide the correct username and password and you will be able to access your account. The Hotmail email service has been changed to Outlook, but the Hotmail account holders can still use their Hotmail credential to log in to their account. Login process of Hotmail is very simple and this has made it popular among the lot.

Follow the below steps if you are a new user to signin to Hotmail –

  • Step 1: Visit the Hotmail login page at
  • Step 2: Now enter your valid email address or username, followed by the correct password to the account.
  • Step 3: Finally click on “Sign in” button and you will be able to access your Hotmail account.

There is another method to sign in to Hotmail and that is using Single-use code instead of a password. This option is very useful when you are logging in to your account on a public or other computers and don’t feel secure about using the password. In this method, you need to fill the single-use code instead of your password to log in. This code will be sent to you by SMS to the phone number that you had previously provided. The same single-use code can’t be used multiple times.

How to Create Hotmail Sign in Account Online

Creating new Hotmail account is quite lengthy but it is not difficult. The process of creating an account is same as another email service available on the web. You just have to enter your personal information to sign up. If you don’t know how to create Hotmail account then, you can read this full article to get the best solution for your query. Signin Create

Step 1:

  • First of all, you have to open a web browser on your computer and type and hit on “Enter” button. This page will redirect you to Outlook home page. Here, you will couples of options including getting premium, Sign in, and Create account. If you already have an account then, click on “Sign in” button otherwise process to next step.

Step 2:

  • To create a new Hotmail or Outlook account, you have to click on “Create Account” at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3:

  • Now, create an account page will appear with some text field. You have to Type the Email address that you would like to make and type the password for that account. One can tick on “Send me promotional emails from Microsoft” checkbox to receive promotional emails from Microsoft and click on “Next” button.

Step 4:

  • Then, next page will appear. The user has to type First name and last name in the text field and click on “Next”. If you want to change email address then, you can click on “Back” button and follow the Step 3 again.

Step 5:

  • Now, Microsoft will ask you to add details about your country and Date of birth. You can click on Drop-down menu to choose Country/region. You also have to click on the drop-down menu to choose Month, Day, and Year. Once you enter these details and click on “Next” button to proceed to next step.

Step 6:

  • Once the above process completed, you need to enter following text in the text field to make sure a real person is creating this account. If you can’t understand the text then, click on “New” button to generate new text. Audio verification is also possible to verify identity. The user just has to click on “Audio” and enter the text that you hear and click on “Next” button.

Step 7:

  • Finally, you will be redirected to welcome screen. Here, you have to select “Language” and “Timezone” and click on right arrow. Choose the theme that you would like to set in the background and select the Font style and click on “Let’s Go” button to start using Hotmail.

How to recover the Hotmail login email account

Recovery of Hotmail account is necessary when you no longer access your Hotmail account with the password or username. This can occur when you don’t use the Hotmail account it will expire after a long time. The other reason may be when you forget the login password of your account and cannot access the account. The Hotmail account recovery is a very easy task as all you need to do is answer the security question correctly that were provided during account sign up. An alternative email address will also be required to recover the account.

Recover Signin Account

  1. Initially, go to the official Hotmail Homepage at
  2. Click on the “can’t access your account” link below the login button on the Hotmail login homepage. This will take you to “Reset your password’ page.
  3. Now you will have to select the “I forgot my password” option from the various options provided on the Reset your Password page.
  4. This will display a “Reset your password” link below the “I forgot my password” option. Click on it and this will begin the recovery process.
  5. Now enter your Hotmail username which you can’t access and the captcha shown and click “Next”.
  6. On the next page, click on “I can’t use any of these options”.
  7. At the “Recover your Microsoft Account” window, enter the alternative e-mail ID in the box where contact email address is written.
  8. Enter the correct information about your account at the “Account Info” page and finally click “Submit”. It will display a popup with a message telling that the recovery link has been sent to the email.
  9. Login to your alternate email ID and click on the recovery link to go to a new page.
  10. Here you can enter the new password and after confirming it, click on “Submit” button. Now you can log in to your Hotmail account using the new password.

The importance of using Hotmail sign in

The reasons due to which people prefer Hotmail over another email service for sending and receiving email are many. Every feature of Hotmail is created keeping in mind the usability to the users. You can know the reason of popularity of Hotmail due to the following reasons

  1. Free of cost – Hotmail is completely free service. You don’t to pay any single amount to create a Hotmail account, nor at the time of account recovery. Emails are sent and received for free for people all across the globe.
  2. Ease of use – Hotmail is the most simple and easy to use email service. This simplicity and user-friendly interface is the main reason for its popularity. Other email services can get a little hectic due to which people choose Hotmail for its accessibility.
  3. Reliability – The Hotmail is the most reliable email service in the world. It is integrated with powerful features like SkyDrive and Xbox live. Moreover, it is regularly updated by the Microsoft team which ensures that users always get the latest technology.
  4. Security – Another reason for the popularity of Hotmail is their Security. Users can use the single-use code to login to their account on a public computer to keep their password save. Moreover, it is integrated with scam identifying features and warns the user.
  5. Social Media connectivity – Users can also connect their Hotmail account with social media services such as Twitter and LinkedIn. This makes the Hotmail more enjoyable to the users and the interface becomes more user-friendly.
  6. Integrated tools – Hotmail is also integrated with other powerful tools and services like Skype. Users can use the integrated Skype to chat with their friends and families. Video calling is also available on the Hotmail provides Skype.
  7. Instant mail transfer – The speed at which emails are sent and received is very fast in Hotmail. There is no delay in the while sending or receiving messages. You can be sure that messages you send will be instantly transferred to the receiver.

The History of

Hotmail is one of the oldest email services on the internet that was launched in 1996. Firstly, it is called as Hotmail that is coded by two programmers Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia. In August 2012, this free Hotmail Sign in email service is available for the general public when the name of this email service is changed to Outlook. There are lots of features are available on Hotmail older version including spam, file filter security, harmful program detection and few others. it was very simple to use, there is no need for any special computer skill to use the sign in Hotmail. The demand of Hotmail is still on high, this email service is considered as a professional email service. Users from all across the world love Hotmail feature that is effective and easy to use. Unlike other email services, it is one of the leading email services that is mainly popular because of the security features.

Compare Hotmail Sign in Difference with Other Email Services

On the internet, there are only two email service providers available that are secure and free include Gmail and Hotmail. These email services are free of cost, the user doesn’t have to pay a single penny to use such service. But, there are some differences that make both better. Hotmail or Outlook is an email service that is developed by Microsoft. On the other hand. Hotmail is better than Gmail in many things. On Hotmail, the user can connect their account to Twitter, Facebook, as well as Google and many others. But, Gmail is limited to few things that connect only with some social media networks. Unlike Google Gmail service, the user can mark unread messages as read in one click in Outlook/Hotmail without any problem.

Hotmail is equipped with some professional features such as view and edit document files including .xml and .doc or.docx. On the other hand, Gmail is enabled with wallet feature that allows the user to send and received money directly from the Gmail. On Gmail, the user will get total of 15 GB free storage space but in Hotmail, the user will get unlimited storage space for email services. Unlike Outlook or Hotmail, Gmail service is unstable in many aspects. If the user doesn’t use your Google account for 270 Days (9 months) then, it will be automatically deleted. In case of Outlook, the Hotmail Login restriction policy is quite fair. Outlook account will only delete when you do not use Outlook or Hotmail account for 365 days (1 year).

Why Microsoft Claims that is no longer available

With the advent of technology and innovation, there are lots of things changed now. Microsoft has always remained in hype for its unique innovations. They have changed many features of their online services include Hotmail and others. In the year 2012, Microsoft was discontinued many services. They made some service independent and some of them combined with new services. In case of Hotmail service, Microsoft did a plan to remove or replace this service with the new version of email service.

Finally, in the year 2012, Microsoft changed its Hotmail services into Outlook with some new features that make it comparable with others. There are many new features, new user interface, and other major fixes applied in Outlook service. The new look of Outlook made it confusing for many users. To make it simple for the users, Microsoft has not changed its official domain name and user accounts. Users can also access Outlook by entering Hotmail domain name in the address bar of web browser.

Hotmail Sign up – How to do signup

Hotmail Sign up is also known as outlook sign up. You can make an account on outlook mail. Hotmail is the free email service provided to users. More than 50000 thousand users create an account on Hotmail every day. You can easily join Hotmail and create an email account for free in

Sometimes peoples say, Hotmail Sign up is same as Outlook sign up.

Hotmail Sign up Tutorial with Pictures – Procedure

If you are creating an account on Hotmail then, visit the official website of Hotmail  logging page or You can find the sign-up option on a Hotmail login page with the help of the given picture below.

Steps to Sign up for Hotmail Account

Step 1:

  • First, open a web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and type without quotes and hit on “Enter” button.

Step 2:

  • Now, you have to click on the “Sign up” button. You will see the Signup form with some text field including First, Last name, email address, and password. All these information is required to make a Hotmail or Outlook account.

Note: Make sure, you are on right sign up page by looking at the URL address on the web browser. The official URL of sign up page is To ensure this simply copy the sign-up URL address from here and paste into web browser address bar and hit “Enter” button.

The process provides with information about how making Hotmail account from Hotmail mobile site.

The tutorial of Hotmail Sign up explains to you how to sign up Hotmail with your email address. If you are a new user then, you have a choice to sign up with or email address. You can choose only one email address.


This picture shows step by step instruction to Hotmail Sign up with username or password. Then, you can easily access your Hotmail email account. The users can necessary to create a Hotmail account before using the Hotmail Sign up information. After that, you are able to manage your email message send and receive as well as security information. Sometimes the user can have a problem signing in Hotmail account  then you take a help from troubleshooting section.

How to Create Email Account Step by Step?

If you are registered on Hotmail then you can easily sign up Hotmail account.

Firstly, you can search a Hotmail Sign up page with the help of by entering it on the web browser address bar.

  • Step 1: First of all, you have to type the username followed by domain in the first text field. You can also use the domain when your account is originally registered.
  • Step 2: Once the above process completed, one has to type your Hotmail account password. If you are facing any problem while signing in to the account, you can take a help from troubleshooting section.
  • Step 3: It is also possible to stay sign in for long period of time user just have to tick “Keep me signed in” checkbox. The only problem with this feature is that anyone can access your account if someone is using your device. Its option is suitable for personal computer or device.
  • Step 4: Then, you have to click on “Sign up” and open your account emails. You can easily manage email message, as well as access office, Microsoft apps.

Hotmail Sign up via single-use code

Single user code is a more secure method to sign in Hotmail account. This method is no need to use a password for signing into your account. You can need a registered mobile phone number on Hotmail account. If you have not registered your phone number, then this option is not available for you.

After you can request for single use code, then you receive a text message. It is a simple and temporary password and you can use only one time. There are some steps to receiving a single-use code:

  1. At the first step, if you are requesting for the single-use code then, you can click on this option at the bottom of the sign-up form.
  2. After that, you have to type your email address into the text field.
  3. Now, enter your mobile number that is registered with Hotmail account and click on the submit button. In a couple of seconds, you will receive a confirmation code on your device via text. You have to enter the code and click on “Sign up”.
  4. Finally, you will successfully sign in your account by using the single code and manage your email messages. If you have any problem to sign in the process with single usable code, then you can again request a new code. The code is available for a valid time period within a day. Signin –Troubleshooting

Sometimes, the user is unable to sign up for Hotmail account. Then you can easily recover your account by following some steps. But make sure about username and password, it is correct or not and forget to turn off capitalization your keyboard. If you do not remember your sign in details, you will need to recover your account details. These are steps below:

Step 1:

  • Initially, you can click on “I can’t access my account” button to sign in the page.

Step 2:

  • Now, you have to tell the reason to Microsoft why you would like to sign in. You just have to select the “radio” button and click “Next”.

Step 3:

  • Then, you will redirect to account recovery page and type your email in given box, click “Next” button.

Step 4:

  • If you want to receive recovery details on your mobile phone then, select this option here. For this option, you need a mobile number that is connected to your Hotmail account.

Step 5:

  • After that, you have to choose the alternate email address where you receive your recovery code. Enter the email address and “Send the code”.

Step 6:

  • Now, open a new window on the web browser and sign up for your alternate email account.

Step 7:

  • Go to the original browser window and click on “I have a Code” and enter the code that you have.

Step 8:

  • Now, your account will successfully log in.

In case, you found something suspicious try to change your account credentials as quickly as possible to avoid any problem in future.

How to change your Hotmail Login password:

  • Step 1: If you want to change your Hotmail password, firstly sign in your account and then click on settings – options.
  • Step 2: Once the above process completed, choose Account detail-password, address, and Timezone option.
  • Step 3: Now, you have to click on “Security and Privacy” option under the “Account Security”. Click on “Change password”.
  • Step 4: After that, you have to verify your identity that you are the owner of this account. You will receive a verification code on your alternative email account.
  • Step 5: You can type your alternative email and select “Send code”, and now you can enter your new password.

Secure Your Hotmail Account

Every account owner would like to set a strong password to protect it from unauthorized users and digital attackers. There are numerous of options available that allow the account owner to make the account more secure.

First of all, users have to set a strong password that includes at least one special character, uppercase, lowercase, and numerical digits. Normally, it is always recommended to secure your account with a long password.

Avoid using common words while creating an account password. Don’t use Date of birth, mobile number, girlfriend/boyfriend name, or anything personal. For hackers or any digital attacker, such information is very easy to crack. You can read this full article to know more about Hotmail account security and other tips and tricks.

Stest to Setup Hotmail Two-step Authentication/ Verification

Two-step verification is a great way to make your account more secure. This feature adds the additional layer to the security of your account while performing sign in action to the account. Getting engaging with two-step verification, you will get a verification code on your mobile number that is linked to your Hotmail or outlook account. The user has to enter this code each time you wish to sign in to Hotmail.

Steps to enable two-step verification

  • Step 1: First of all, you have to go “Security” settings of your Hotmail account.
  • Step 2: Now, the user has to click on “Security and Privacy” from the horizontal menu. Then, you have to click on “More Security Settings”.

While update credential information of account, you have to verify the identity that you are the real owner of the account.

  • Step 3: After successful verification, go to “Two-step verification” and click on the “Set up two-step verification”.
  • Step 4: You will be directed to “How else can we verify your identity?” page. Here, you have to choose a phone number, email address, and app from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 5: Now, you have to type your details and hit on “Next” button. signup – Signin Hotmail From Mobile

If you want to Hotmail Sign up on your mobile device then, you can open a mobile web browser and hit on “Sign up”. Most of the people can sign up their account with Hotmail app because some users regularly access their account from a mobile device. Then, the user can install the Hotmail app and easily access Hotmail accounts on their phone. There are some steps for installing a Hotmail app on your Android mobile device:-

  1. Firstly, you have to open Google Play Store and search the Hotmail or Outlook app.
  2. Now, tap to open the first result of the search either it is or Microsoft Outlook.
  3. After that, you have to tap on “Green” button namely Install.
  4. Then, the app requires some permissions from the user. You have to tap on “Accept” to grant permission.
  5. Once the download and installation process successfully completed, tap on “Open” button to launch the app.
  6. Now, you have to create a new account by taping on “Sign up” button. Once the sign-up process completed, you have to enter valid credentials on the sign in the field and hit on “Sign in” button.