Hotmail Email Settings – Outlook Settings

If you’ve email account holder of Hotmail, learn how to configure Hotmail email settings, primarily name it technically POP3 live Hotmail settings. You can manage the incoming messages by connecting Microsoft Outlook by using POP email account to Hotmail email program.

Don’t worry it is very simple process and involves some technical terms which are given below. Your official email address Windows live Hotmail POP server is located at

Now you are required the user name carefully enter the Hotmail email address for example (, in the given field of Windows Live Hotmail user name option.

Enter your password of Hotmail account in the given field of Windows Live Hotmail POP password and active the Windows Live Hotmail POP port 995. After doing all stuff you are required to select the option ‘Yes’ in front of clearly written Windows Live Hotmail POP TSL/SSL.

Hotmail Email Settings – Outlook Settings

As we all know Hotmail is principally web base email service provider to send and receive the email messages by using Hotmail email inbox. Hotmail is using the web protocol HTTP to link the mail inbox.

If you are required to manage the Hotmail emails by using the email client software then you have to go for Hotmail email settings by connecting Outlook express.

Hotmail Mail Server Settings to Connect Outlook

If you are the user of Outlook express or Outlook connector by using Windows operating system then state the Hotmail account ID as you are using other email ID settings by using POP3 email account management.

Hotmail Incoming Mail Server POP3 official path is at (you are required to login by enter the valid and Secure Password Authentication (SPA), and your mail server port is 995.

Your settings of Hotmail outgoing mail server (SMTP) is at enable the TLS at port 587

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