Hotmail Sign In Problems : 2~ Access to your Outlook / Hotmail account

You may face sign in problems on Hotmail or occasionally when you are trying to get in to your Hotmail inbox but get no response from either your email client or your computer. Once my friend gets in to the same problem and I was just sitting close to him, I helped him to get through this process. Before making the conclusion about the root of Hotmail sign in problems from where it is arising you have to answer some basic questions.

  1. Do you tried to sign in Hotmail account from another browser?
  2. Are other websites are opening in your browser?
  3. Did your Hotmail account accessible in another device?

If the entire above question answers in YES then you have a problem in your PC

Hotmail Sign In Problem of Computer -Hotmail sign in problems

Open your Firefox (internet browser) click on Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings (Button) > Enable No Proxy

Hotmail Sign In Password Problem

If you are unable to sign in to your Hotmail account, then try to check the spell of your email, and cross check the relevant password.

If it says wrong password, then check that caps lock off, and re-enter the password. Problem persist click on the forgot password button & RESET Your Hotmail PASSWORD

Hotmail Sign In Hacking Problem

If your Hotmail account has been hacked or compromised and now you are unable to sign in to your Hotmail account, then you have to follow the steps written below to take your account back and secure your account for future.


How hackers can get your password?

  • By Using Malware: you may have installed a program, which includes any malware which can search for saved password on your PC or can find your keystrokes and online search terms
  • Phishing: Some tricks are used by hackers which encourage people to send their account data to hackers
  • By Breaking In to Sites on Which you are Member: Account data can also be breached from other sites on internet which you have used in past by using the membership account with same Hotmail account.

Recover Your Hotmail Hacked Account

Before recovering your Hotmail account, you have to do some steps to clean up your PC from MALWAREs, Viruses and other nixed programs. Use Microsoft Security Essentials on your PC if you are using Windows 7 or Use WINDOWS DEFENDER if you are using Windows 8.

  • Reset Your Hotmail Password
  • Make your password strong to the extent as it is possible.
  • Don’t use small words, make a mix of numerics, alphabets (upper lower case) and special characters
  • Don’t use common words or easy to guess words.
  • See more details about hacked Hotmail accounts

Hotmail sign in problems Says “Account Temporarily Blocked”

You can see this message while attempting to login to your Hotmail account. The message comes on your screen because Microsoft Systems identify some unusual activity from your account and it block your access to it. Microsoft knows that it can cause frustration to you, but it is in your interest to avoid any prohibited use of your Hotmail account.

Unblocking Your Blocked Hotmail Account

Go to your account sign in screen, and enter the login details. A new screen will appear on which you have to verify your ownership to the account, enter the phone number which is linked to the account and click Next to receive the code on your phone.

Now you will be taken to Password Resetting Screen after setting your new password you will be able to access your Hotmail account.

Still receiving message saying “Hotmail Account Temporarily Blocked” contact Hotmail Customer Support to get this, you have to sign in to your another Hotmail account and fill up the form to verify your identity. You should have an active account so that customer support representative can contact you on that. The communication with customer service representative may take about 24 hours to start on.

Hotmail sign in problems Due To Hotmail Account Closed Message

You will only receive this message while signing in to your Hotmail account, when you have deleted your account either manually or automatically. The account will still be available within 60-days of initiating your deleting process, you can read this article if you Want to Close your Microsoft Hotmail Account by submitting a manual request. Microsoft also automatically deletes your account after a period of 365-days of inactivity on the account. To RECOVER YOUR DELETED HOTMAIL ACCOUNT you can contact to Microsoft Customer Support you have to fill up the details on the form, your Email Address which is blocked, your working email address on which Microsoft will contact you.

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