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Hotmail is also known as Outlook . If you want to create a new account on Hotmail then, here we provide you with the best and exact guidelines for the same. By following these steps you can easily make a new account. Hotmail account is necessary for successful sign up with Hotmail. If you don’t have a Hotmail account, then you cannot sign in with

Hotmail Login

Now, Hotmail is Outlook and as you link to its history it was infamous as Hotmail. As per Wikipedia, this mail was formed in the year 1996.


Hotmail Login Page – Hotmail Signin

Hotmail entry page login page The users can newly register on the Hotmail account through HTTP, then type a username on the Hotmail sign in page. Sometimes it may not work properly or there might be an error on the page. The page will take you to the blank page or show some error. For this, you have to visit the main page of Hotmail Outlook Login Page, which is also known as the entry page.

Way to Go Login Page

Getting on the Hotmail login page is not a big task in itself. To get the New Login one should be clear about the entry field on the MSN page. For this question, the user needs to understand about MSN page with an entry name field. There are two major aspects with respect to the Hotmail login page. First is the account sign in and later is account sign up.

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For a successful sigh in the user can take help from this Hotmail basic tutorial. Initially connect your PC to the Internet or the Wi-Fi connection. Open your favorite browser and run the website to reach the login page. Then follow the below instructions:

  1. On the Search, Bar enters the link or
  2. Press enter button from the keyboard and you will configure the URL address bar.
  3. Here, you will see the Microsoft Corporation(US) in the URL bar.
  4. The is the official page for Hotmail login page address
  5. Search for the Outlook logo in this web page.
  6. When you have reached the Hotmail MSN Account, select the sign in to enter the Username and Password.
  7. If you are a new user then search a Hotmail Signup page and open it. Enter the detail to make an Outlook account.
  8. If you are not sure about official Outlook sign in, then go through the instructions from Microsoft privacy policy.
  9. To avail, extra assistance for the same then contacts our Google + Hotmail login page.
  10. The Hotmail login page is directly connected to Outlook expert or expert email. The Email experts will guide you more on the Live Account.

Note: Hotmail provides two web pages such as Sign in and signs up page. Both pages have an own input method.

Hotmail Login Tips

The Hotmail login process is very easy, but it requires the official website or the correct landing page. You can easily login Hotmail through the official site. No matter that this process is quite easy but it is vital to follow the official process.

Essentialities before you log in to the Hotmail account: If you want a sign in with Hotmail account, then the Outlook Email account is required. You cannot log in to Hotmail Account without a registered email. If you are a new user then we provide you a guideline to make a Hotmail account with our Hotmail sign up section.

Hotmail Login with Pictures

  • Step 1) Initially, open a browser and enter or visit directly to the main page with
  • Step 2) As per the experts’ advice, do check the spellings to overcome the error of entering the wrong web page. This is because most of the websites look similar to Hotmail.
  • Step 3) After clicking the Enter Button, do check the URL address dissimilar to

Note: Browser show address like as seen in the picture below.

  • Step 4) On visiting login page, here, you are entertained with two types of fields. The first one is Sign upfield and another one is the sigh in the field. In the case, you hold an active account then click for the sign in the field and enter the complete Hotmail Address.
  • Step 5) The complete details constitute your Username and Password.
  • Step 6) Now, click on the Sign In button when it turns blue in color.

What to do for new Hotmail login user

Now, you have become the newest member of the Hotmail Account and want to log in with the Hotmail Sign in. The sign-up processing is very simple and free to use. You can make an account on Hotmail within few minutes. Here, if you already have a substitute email address then you get the option to make the Hotmail account the official one. Like other email processing, Hotmail also requires completing the verification process. It is an automatic system which will send the verification code or call on the registered number.

Always use an active mobile number for the verification process. Or the other way you can also use the family number to complete the verification process. There are times when you have may forget the account password, and then you will get the password recovery code for that particular number. This makes the mobile number an important part of this process.

Hotmail Login Other Names

Hotmail login also is known as Hotmail sign in. Hotmail sign in means process to sign in your account and get inbox messages. It’s also called Outlook mail or live login.

Some user is confused in Hotmail login, outlook login, MSN login or Microsoft account Login. But, there are the same thing, then don’t get confused.

Hotmail Sign up

Unlike Sign in process, Creating and email account process requires a few more minute and need to fill up some more information. So here they are.

  • Go to this page. It will land you to the account registration page.
  • Now, in this page, you are required to enter your detailed information. First of all, you need to enter your name and surname. There’s no need to explain further on this.
  • Coming down further, you need to choose your username for the email address. The only thing that need to remember is username must be unique. Therefore, there are many chance that the name you choose might already be registered and you need to go for other name. So the trick here is to add a number or “_” in the usernames. After the username part, you need to choose your sub domain. In simple words, choose weather you need or Both sub domains are same and provides the same services so don’t get confused on this and move forward.

  • Now its time for password. There’s some strict rule while choosing password. You need to include 8 or more characters including one uppercase, one symbol and number. So, remember this formula.
  • Select your country, enter your date of birth and Gender.
  • Now comes the security part which is actually optional but it is highly recommended that you enter the both information asked in order to keep your account safe. So, Firstly, you need to enter your mobile number and secondly enter your alternate email address. Alternate email address are your another email address and its only purpose is to send you the verification code. But if this is your first email account, you can leave as it is. And regarding the mobile number, if you don’t have one, you can use the number of your family members and friends that you trust much as it is much sensitive.
  • Finally, enter the captcha image. if you are confused regarding the image you can reload the new one and try it again. Remember, the captcha must be correct in order to continue. So, enter carefully and click on “Create Account“.

So, these are some of the steps you need to follow to create an email account on Hotmail.

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Hotmail Mobile App

Now you can easily access you email form your mobile device wherever you want. Just download the app and enjoy. it’s not like you need an app to access your account, you can access it with your mobile browser as well. But for the better user experience and ease of access official app is the best. So, here’s the link to download the Outlook app.

Download For Android:

Click Here

Download For iOS: 

Click Here

And for Windows phone, the app is inbuilt; no need to download it.

Remember, you can access all the service in mobile app like in Desktop version. in fact, user experience is quiet positive in the app as you can access all the email service in a single touch.