Hotmail Email Settings – Outlook Settings

If you’ve email account holder of Hotmail, learn how to configure Hotmail email settings, primarily name it technically POP3 live Hotmail settings. You can manage the incoming messages by connecting Microsoft Outlook by using POP email account to Hotmail email program.

Don’t worry it is very simple process and involves some technical terms which are given below. Your official email address Windows live Hotmail POP server is located at

Now you are required the user name carefully enter the Hotmail email address for example (, in the given field of Windows Live Hotmail user name option.

Enter your password of Hotmail account in the given field of Windows Live Hotmail POP password and active the Windows Live Hotmail POP port 995. After doing all stuff you are required to select the option ‘Yes’ in front of clearly written Windows Live Hotmail POP TSL/SSL.

Hotmail Email Settings – Outlook Settings

As we all know Hotmail is principally web base email service provider to send and receive the email messages by using Hotmail email inbox. Hotmail is using the web protocol HTTP to link the mail inbox.

If you are required to manage the Hotmail emails by using the email client software then you have to go for Hotmail email settings by connecting Outlook express.

Hotmail Mail Server Settings to Connect Outlook

If you are the user of Outlook express or Outlook connector by using Windows operating system then state the Hotmail account ID as you are using other email ID settings by using POP3 email account management.

Hotmail Incoming Mail Server POP3 official path is at (you are required to login by enter the valid and Secure Password Authentication (SPA), and your mail server port is 995.

Your settings of Hotmail outgoing mail server (SMTP) is at enable the TLS at port 587

OneDrive Login : sign in Microsoft OneDrive

This article explains in easy-to-follow steps how to use your OneDrive login details to access your account. You can use your OneDrive sign in information to access other Microsoft products, including email, Office Online, and Bing. Once you log in to OneDrive you can upload files, share folders and even back-up your photos.


Whаt Is OneDrive?

OneDrive offers a user-friendly way of storing, sharing and syncing files and folders between devices and people on the net.

When a file is uploaded to OneDrive it is hosted in the cloud, from where it is available to the registered user of a Microsoft account. Such an account is free to the end user. However, a registration is necessary.

If you own a PC with a Windows operating system chances are you already have a Microsoft account.

Heads up!: OneDrive has gone through a number of incarnations. It has previously been called SkyDrive and Windows Live SkyDrive.

OneDrive Login Preliminaries: Opening a Microsoft Account

Microsoft have consolidated their services under one account and login to increase ease of access for users.

Your OneDrive login (username and password) is actually useful for accessing a wide range of Microsoft services.

OneDrive Sign in details are also known as a ‘Microsoft ID’.  You may already have such login details from another Microsoft service (such as Mail).

Creating a OneDrive Sign In Username and Password

Step 1: Enter in your browser to be forwarded to the sign up page.

Step 2: Click ‘Sign up now’ at the end of the registration form.


This will take you to the registration form, where you can create your OneDrive login username and password.


Step 3: In the first 2 fields enter your first and last names.

Step 4: In the next field create a user name. In creating a Microsoft account, you automatically create an email address. Your username is the part of that email address before the @ symbol.

For the second half of the email address, you may choose between or @ Simply click the dropdown arrow on the far right of the field and select whichever you prefer.

Step 5: Next set your OneDrive login password. Remember that it must be:

  • at least 8 characters long
  • have at least 2 of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols and numbers
  • OneDrive login passwords are case-sensitive

Step 6: Enter your chosen password in the field provided and repeat in the next field. Make a note of your password and keep it in a secure location (such as a secure database).

Continue by entering your country/region, date of birth and gender. All this information is required.

The ‘Help us protect your info’ section is next. This is where you specify how you can be contacted should you forget your password or username and need to reset one of them. You can choose to enter a phone number, email address, or both.

It is important that this information is accurate, since it is the only means of recovering your account, should you be unable to access it for some reason.

Step 7: In the ‘Alternate email address’ field, enter an email address that you already own (this can be from any provider).

Step 8: Finally, enter the captcha and click the blue ‘create account’ button at the bottom of the page if you agree to the terms and conditions.

OneDrive Login: Step-by-step Guide

The OneDrive login process is similar to the Hotmail sign in procedure, since both services require accessing your Microsoft account. To access your OneDrive account, simply follow the steps outlined below:

First, navigate to the OneDrive login page by entering in your web browser. This will take you to the OneDrive sign in page.


Step 1: On the OneDrive sign in page, enter the email address that you created when you signed up for your Microsoft account. This will be either or, depending on what you decided on at the time.

You can also enter a phone number instead of an email address. However, this will only work if you provided the phone number when you signed up, by entering it in the registration form.

Step 2: Next, enter the password you created when you signed up for your account.

(Don’t forget that your password is case-sensitive and will be at least 8 characters in length. It will also contain no less than 2 of these criteria: lowercase letters, symbols, uppercase letters and numbers).

If you have forgotten your password, please see the section below on OnDrive Login Problems to learn about recovery options.

At this point, you may check the ‘Keep me signed in‘ box, if you wish. This prevents you from having to log in again (for example, if you know you will be using OneDrive again later in the day).

However, if you are using a public computer, do not select this option, since others may have full access to your Microsoft account.

Step 3: Finally, click the blue Sign in button to be directed to the Welcome page.

You can navigate to OneDrive by clicking the ‘Services and Subscriptions‘ menu item and scrolling down until you see the OneDrive service icon.


Select ‘Use OneDrive for free’ to be taken to the OneDrive interface, where you can upload photos, manage your documents and back-up your files.


OneDrive Login Using a Single-Use Code

Another option for signing in to your OneDrive account is to request a ‘single-use code’.

This option is designed for situations in which you are not comfortable using your password (for example, when using a public or not-so-secure computer.

To use this option, you must have a mobile phone number associated with your account. In a nutshell, you simply request a ‘single-use code’ on the login page and receive an SMS with the code.

You then enter this code instead of your password. Here is how to do so:

Step 1: On the OneDrive login page click the ‘Sign in with a single-use code‘ link below the blue Sign in button. This will take you to an alternative sign-in page for use with a single-use code.

Step 2: Enter your email address in the first field, as usual.

Step 3: In the second field, enter the mobile phone number that is associated with your account. Click the blue ‘Text me the code’ button.


Step 4: When you receive the code by text-message, enter it on the ensuing page and click the blue ‘Sign in’ button.

You can now navigate to the OneDrive interface from where you can easily manage your files and folders.

Should you experience problems logging in with your code, you can simply request a new one.

However, be aware that the is a limit to the number of codes that can be requested per day. Also, only the most recently requested code will be valid at any given time.

OneDrive Login Problems

If you have difficulty accessing your OneDrive account, follow the steps below to regain access to your account.

Firstly, check and double-check that your user name and password are correct. In the majority of cases, this is the issue. Don’t forget that passwords are case sensitive, so make sure that the Caps Lock on your keyboard is not engaged.

If you have forgotten your details, or it is somehow still not working, it’s time to recover your username or password.

When you try to access your account unsuccessfully, you will receive an error message. These vary, depending on the issue.

Step 1: Start by clicking the ‘Can’t access your account?’ link on the error-message page.


Step 2: On the next screen, select the reason why you think you cannot sign in and click ‘Next’.


Step 3: On the ‘Recover your account’ screen, enter your email address and then enter the captcha below.  Then click ‘Next’.

You may also recover your account using a mobile phone number, although this option is only available if you entered your phone number when you originally registered and opened the account.

To use a phone number, click the ‘Or use a phone number’ link.

Step 4: On the following screen select where you would like Microsoft to send the verification code. This is often the email address you used to open the account originally.

Type in the ‘hidden’ part of your email address and then click ‘Send code’.


Step 5: Next, open a new tab in you browser be going to File > New Tab.

Sign in to the email account in question. You should have received an email from Microsoft. Open the email and copy the verification code that has been sent to you.

Step 6: Go back to the original Tab in your browser. Click the ‘I have a code’ link.

Step 7: On the ‘Enter Your Security Code’ page, paste your code into the field provided and click ‘Next’.


You should now have regained access to your account. If you suspect that you lost access to your account because it was hacked, the next logical step is to change your password. This will help to keep your account secure and protect your personal information.

How to change your OneDrive Login Password

To update your OneDrive password, log in to your OneDrive account and locate the ‘Settings’ icon (this looks like a gear). This is to be found next to your name (upper-right of your screen).

On the ensuing ‘Options’ page, select the first link under the ‘Managing your account’ subheading, entitled ‘Account details (password, addresses, time zone). This brings you to the ‘View basic information about your account’ page.

On this page, click the ‘Security and privacy’ menu item on the far right. Under the ‘Account security’ heading, click ‘Change password’.

Because you would like to edit important information, you will need to verify your identity by entering a code that is sent to your ‘recovery’ email address. This is the email address you used to open the account in the first place. Fill in the missing part of your recovery email address and click the blue ‘Send code’ button.


Open a new tab in your browser and sign in to your recovery email account. Then open the email from Microsoft and copy the security code.

Back in the other tab, click the ‘I have a code’ link. Paste the security code into the field provided and click ‘Next’.

You will now be able to change your password. Enter your old password in the field provided before typing and confirming your new password.

To make the changes, click the blue ‘Change password’ button.

How to Secure Your OneDrive Login Details

Changing your OneDrive password is only one of a number of steps you can take to secure your OneDrive account.

Creating a strong password

In general, it is prudent to avoid passwords that contain words or phrases that can be found in a dictionary. You can get more detailed information on creating strong passwords in our Ultimate Guide to Creating Strong Passwords. Alternatively, check out our password generator page.

How to enable two-step authentification for OneDrive

Two-step authentication adds the extra level of security that you need for complete peace of mind in the fact that OneDrive and your Microsoft account is fully protected.

Upon the creation of a new Microsoft account, one is guided through two-step authentication by default, although one does have the option to set it up later.

Enabling two-step authentication is a process that is easy to accomplish, adding extra security to any important files you store on OneDrive.

Follow these easy steps to receive an authentication code to be used each time you use your OneDrive login to access your account.

Step 1: Navigate to your account settings and locate the section entitled “Security info helps keep your account secure.” If this is not present, then click “Add Security Info”

Follow the prompts and connect your Microsoft account to your cell phone number, this is a mandatory step for two-step authentication. You are given the option of a phone call or an SMS, through which you will receive a seven digit number to be entered on the page before you in your browser.

Step 2: Click on “Set-up Two-Step Verification” then Click on “Next”.

Step 3:  Select the device on which to install the app, and enter pairing code, or opt to set this up later.

Step 4: Select Verification by email / phone (depending on which you would like to set up).

Step 5: Check your email or SMS log to locate the code that has been sent, then enter the five digit code given into the verification prompt and click “Next”.

Take note of the security code that is given, it will be needed to recover your account should your mobile device be compromised. Simply print it out or write it down and keep it somewhere safe and secure, such as a secure database.

You now have the option to setup synchronization and two-step authentication for Android, iPhone or Blackberry devices, simply select which is applicable and follow the prompts.

Two-step authentication is essential for anyone that wants stronger security for any online account.

OneDrive Login Mobile

Although you can login to Onedrive on a mobile device simply by opening your device’s browser, perhaps the simplest way is to install the OneDrive app.

This is an advantage if you intend to use OneDrive regularly on your mobile device.

To sign in to OneDrive on an Android device, follow the steps below:

Tap the Play Store icon on your Android device. This comes pre-installed on all Android phones.

onedrive login mob 1

Select ‘Apps’ to begin your search.

onedrive login mob 2

Type ‘Onedrive’ in the search field at the top of the screen. The auto-complete should identify what you are looking for after a few characters and display the Onedrive link below.

onedrive login mob 3

Tap ‘Install’ to begin the download process.

onedrive login mob 4

The Play Store will notify you as to what information the application will need to access on your device. Tap ‘Accept’ if you are okay with this.

onedrive login mob 8

Once the application has finished downloading, you will have the option to open it directly. To do so, tap the green ‘Open’ button.

onedrive login mob 6

On the following (blue) screen, tap ‘Sign in now’.

onedrive login mob 7

Enter your email address and tap the blue arrow button in the far right of the text field.

onedrive login mob 9

On the next screen, enter your password (your email address will be populated in advance).

onedrive login mob 10

Finally, tap the blue ‘Sign in’ button.

From here you can access and manage your OneDrive files and folders.


I hope this resource helps you with any OneDrive login queries you have. You can continue to the OneDrive login page by clicking the button below.

Reset Hotmail Password – Recover Your Forgotten Password

You can reset your Hotmail password by using Microsoft outlook password recovery tool online or change Hotmail password tool, usually people forgot Hotmail account password due to weak memory or due to using words hard to remember on a long journey of life. Read about prerequisites to reset your Hotmail password, to get through the process of Hotmail password recovery you will need a phone number linked to that account or a back-up email. If you don’t have both of these, then you will have to fill up a form asking some general questions about your account to verify your ownership to that account and rest Hotmail password successfully.

Reset Hotmail Password


Reset Hotmail Password In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Open your Hotmail sign in screen, enter the email address and leave the password field empty.
  2. Now press the link saying ”Can’t Access Your Account” this will take you to a new screen here select the very first option saying ‘I Forgot My Password’ and click on Next button, now enter your emails address again for which you want to reset Hotmail password and then click on Next after entering the CAPTCHA code.
  3. Verify your ownership to that account by using the ‘Radio Button’ which suites you best, enter the code received on your phone or email. If you don’t received the verification code on your email or phone number then to troubleshoot the problem read Verification code is not received
  4. Now on the new screen enter the new password for your Hotmail account. Just remember that people can steal it if it is quite easy, too short, or a common dictionary word. Always use mix of upper & lower case letters with numeric words and some special characters (!, @, $, *, #, %, ^, &, -).
  5. If you have enabled 2-step verification on your Hotmail account Read the process in detail

Hotmail Sign In Problems : 2~ Access to your Outlook / Hotmail account

You may face sign in problems on Hotmail or occasionally when you are trying to get in to your Hotmail inbox but get no response from either your email client or your computer. Once my friend gets in to the same problem and I was just sitting close to him, I helped him to get through this process. Before making the conclusion about the root of Hotmail sign in problems from where it is arising you have to answer some basic questions.

  1. Do you tried to sign in Hotmail account from another browser?
  2. Are other websites are opening in your browser?
  3. Did your Hotmail account accessible in another device?

If the entire above question answers in YES then you have a problem in your PC

Hotmail Sign In Problem of Computer -Hotmail sign in problems

Open your Firefox (internet browser) click on Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings (Button) > Enable No Proxy

Hotmail Sign In Password Problem

If you are unable to sign in to your Hotmail account, then try to check the spell of your email, and cross check the relevant password.

If it says wrong password, then check that caps lock off, and re-enter the password. Problem persist click on the forgot password button & RESET Your Hotmail PASSWORD

Hotmail Sign In Hacking Problem

If your Hotmail account has been hacked or compromised and now you are unable to sign in to your Hotmail account, then you have to follow the steps written below to take your account back and secure your account for future.


How hackers can get your password?

  • By Using Malware: you may have installed a program, which includes any malware which can search for saved password on your PC or can find your keystrokes and online search terms
  • Phishing: Some tricks are used by hackers which encourage people to send their account data to hackers
  • By Breaking In to Sites on Which you are Member: Account data can also be breached from other sites on internet which you have used in past by using the membership account with same Hotmail account.

Recover Your Hotmail Hacked Account

Before recovering your Hotmail account, you have to do some steps to clean up your PC from MALWAREs, Viruses and other nixed programs. Use Microsoft Security Essentials on your PC if you are using Windows 7 or Use WINDOWS DEFENDER if you are using Windows 8.

  • Reset Your Hotmail Password
  • Make your password strong to the extent as it is possible.
  • Don’t use small words, make a mix of numerics, alphabets (upper lower case) and special characters
  • Don’t use common words or easy to guess words.
  • See more details about hacked Hotmail accounts

Hotmail sign in problems Says “Account Temporarily Blocked”

You can see this message while attempting to login to your Hotmail account. The message comes on your screen because Microsoft Systems identify some unusual activity from your account and it block your access to it. Microsoft knows that it can cause frustration to you, but it is in your interest to avoid any prohibited use of your Hotmail account.

Unblocking Your Blocked Hotmail Account

Go to your account sign in screen, and enter the login details. A new screen will appear on which you have to verify your ownership to the account, enter the phone number which is linked to the account and click Next to receive the code on your phone.

Now you will be taken to Password Resetting Screen after setting your new password you will be able to access your Hotmail account.

Still receiving message saying “Hotmail Account Temporarily Blocked” contact Hotmail Customer Support to get this, you have to sign in to your another Hotmail account and fill up the form to verify your identity. You should have an active account so that customer support representative can contact you on that. The communication with customer service representative may take about 24 hours to start on.

Hotmail sign in problems Due To Hotmail Account Closed Message

You will only receive this message while signing in to your Hotmail account, when you have deleted your account either manually or automatically. The account will still be available within 60-days of initiating your deleting process, you can read this article if you Want to Close your Microsoft Hotmail Account by submitting a manual request. Microsoft also automatically deletes your account after a period of 365-days of inactivity on the account. To RECOVER YOUR DELETED HOTMAIL ACCOUNT you can contact to Microsoft Customer Support you have to fill up the details on the form, your Email Address which is blocked, your working email address on which Microsoft will contact you. Inbox

If you are looking to access inbox to send messages, check new emails and customize mailbox then of course you need to complete the sign in of Hotmail account page. It is very simple process, enter Windows live Hotmail ID and password to access the Hotmail inbox.

Why You Need Hotmail Inbox

Answer is very simple because Hotmail inbox is easy to use email interface, for new user of Hotmail not required any guidance to use this email and as time possess you can easily learn to use advance options of inbox mail.

  • How to Open Microsoft Hotmail Inbox
  • Open your PC and connect it with high speed internet
  • Open any browser and type the URL
  • Press enter
  • It is Hotmail login page for Sing in the email account
  • Officially at your top left corner, you will notice the Outlook logo and promotions
  • Don’t worry there is no difference between and Brand name of Inbox Login

  • You are now right place to start Hotmail inbox login
  • Enter the Microsoft Hotmail ID
  • Enter the correct password
  • Wait see if there is Caps lock on, then you will not be able to login Hotmail inbox
  • Once you are sure that all information has been correctly entered then press the Sing in button
  • You have been successfully landed to Hotmail inbox interface
  • During your sing in process there is an option to ‘Keep me Sign in’, if you check this option
  • There is no need to do sign in process again and again

You are now at Hotmail inbox and use the amazing features of flag the important emails at top, create new email to send officially and friend & families.

You can create folders and give them name in Hotmail inbox, now you can use the options of move from top navigation of inbox and manage the emails to relevant folders.

You can reply or reply all and forward options for emails, delete the email any time from top menu ‘Delete’ and you can undo the delete option for example wrongly delete any email by mistake.

Create the archive options to set up message archiving by doing create archive my message in selected folder or create the new folder for archive.

Manage your junk, pushing scam and my friend’s been hacked options to clean the unnecessary emails data and any time mark any email to junk. This will clean your inbox from specific emails you don’t want to see at Hotmail inbox.

You can create lot of categories at Hotmail inbox by some default categories such as bills, documents, family, photos, shopping and social updates.

Amazing inbox features is connection of Hotmail inbox and Skype then simultaneously read the messages of Skype from Hotmail inbox.

Edit your profile by adding new information, account setting for your Hotmail inbox and sign out the Hotmail.

Recover Hotmail Password | How to Hotmail Password Recovery Process

Recover Hotmail Password : Have you forgotten the password of your Hotmail email account? Here, you would be directed to know all about how to get your Hotmail account back. Sometimes, you forget your Hotmail sign in password or it is hacked by another person. This problem is increasing day by day in all over the world among internet users. You wish to get back your account because you have hundreds of thousands of data and important emails there in your account. Let’s recover Hotmail password to get back all the data.

So, if your Hotmail password has been stolen or you have forgotten your account password, Hotmail is offering a number of ways to get back your password.

The process to Recover Hotmail Password:

According to the Microsoft, it is a weakness in Hotmail that allows hackers to re-tune the password for your account. It makes an account lock for the real owner and lets the hacker to get into your inbox. Recently, it is reported that hackers offered to hack any of the Hotmail accounts for just in $20.

It looks that there is a liability lives in Hotmail’s account recovery aspect. In some previous days, the hackers were capable to utilize a Firefox add-on named Tamper Data to avoid the usual security locates in the place to secure Hotmail accounts.

So, the issue is that the hackers take an advantage of this weakness and plans to reset the accounts of about 13 million users in their ownership.

These steps can be taken in this regard to get your Hotmail account back:

  • First of all, open your browser and go to
  • Click on the link “Can’t access your account”
  • To recover your password, enter your Hotmail account and the characters shown in the image there
  • Enter the words named (the Captcha)
  • Click on the “Next” button option
  • To reset or recover Hotmail password, choose an option given below


They ask you whether you want to receive your reset link in your mobile or in your email account.

Certainly, hackers do not just concern in stealing or breaking into your account, but they want to reach to your spam. They wish to steal your identity and maybe they get your bank details and any other documents from your account. When your account will be in their hands, good hopes can be made from them.

The hackers can attack any one of the 350 million users. Some other reasons can lock your account such as you may forget your account password, if this, then it is not a serious problem because you will get your account back soon.

Try the following instructions:


  • Try to remember the security question which you have set for your account
  • Check your other messengers’ accounts to find out the warnings and other details of your lost password.

Typically, you use your account or check emails messages after a couple of days and forget your password. This creates problems for you. Never share your password with any other person while chatting to someone even your business partners or close friends and finally, do not save your password in your email or on your PC.