If you are looking to access inbox to send messages, check new emails and customize mailbox then of course you need to complete the sign in of Hotmail account page. It is very simple process, enter Windows live Hotmail ID and password to access the Hotmail inbox.

Why You Need Hotmail Inbox

Answer is very simple because Hotmail inbox is easy to use email interface, for new user of Hotmail not required any guidance to use this email and as time possess you can easily learn to use advance options of inbox mail.

  • How to Open Microsoft Hotmail Inbox
  • Open your PC and connect it with high speed internet
  • Open any browser and type the URL
  • Press enter
  • It is Hotmail login page for Sing in the email account
  • Officially at your top left corner, you will notice the Outlook logo and promotions
  • Don’t worry there is no difference between and Brand name of Inbox Login

  • You are now right place to start Hotmail inbox login
  • Enter the Microsoft Hotmail ID
  • Enter the correct password
  • Wait see if there is Caps lock on, then you will not be able to login Hotmail inbox
  • Once you are sure that all information has been correctly entered then press the Sing in button
  • You have been successfully landed to Hotmail inbox interface
  • During your sing in process there is an option to ‘Keep me Sign in’, if you check this option
  • There is no need to do sign in process again and again

You are now at Hotmail inbox and use the amazing features of flag the important emails at top, create new email to send officially and friend & families.

You can create folders and give them name in Hotmail inbox, now you can use the options of move from top navigation of inbox and manage the emails to relevant folders.

You can reply or reply all and forward options for emails, delete the email any time from top menu ‘Delete’ and you can undo the delete option for example wrongly delete any email by mistake.

Create the archive options to set up message archiving by doing create archive my message in selected folder or create the new folder for archive.

Manage your junk, pushing scam and my friend’s been hacked options to clean the unnecessary emails data and any time mark any email to junk. This will clean your inbox from specific emails you don’t want to see at Hotmail inbox.

You can create lot of categories at Hotmail inbox by some default categories such as bills, documents, family, photos, shopping and social updates.

Amazing inbox features is connection of Hotmail inbox and Skype then simultaneously read the messages of Skype from Hotmail inbox.

Edit your profile by adding new information, account setting for your Hotmail inbox and sign out the Hotmail.

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