Hotmail Mailbox – Increase Mailbox Storage

if you imagine Hotmail mailbox is gossip, of course it is not true because Hotmail is the perfect email solution for free email usage and gigantic popularity of mailbox features is the reason why people do love and highly rate the email services.

Why not, because mailbox of Hotmail is equipped with powerful email features and you can enjoy it by doing the simple process of Hotmail sign up. Don’t worry if you are using other popular email services but remember all exciting mailbox mail features are very convenient for new users.

Just try the Hotmail engaging service by vising now to browse the and fill the simple information, create unique ID, strong password and complete the sign up steps. After that you will be redirected to Hotmail mailbox and let’s start communicating messaging by using Hotmail email service.

As large number of people using Hotmail account and very attractive for business and clients because of span free, secure server, easy interface, stunning mailbox mail features distinguish from other email service providers.

Hotmail account is simultaneously functions with PC, Desktop and mobile apps on Android and iPhone devices. Assume you’re user of Microsoft Office product then you can simply share the office documents by using Hotmail Mailbox to your clients, subordinates and employees.

Importantly, you are free to install the Office software and Hotmail will open all the documents at your browse. For new users Hotmail offers 5 gaga bite of storage space and it will gradually increase the email storage space.

Other way is to increase the storage space of mailbox is proper management and upgrade the Hotmail plus.

Hotmail Mailbox Mail Storage Tips

  • Confirm your current storage by using the Hotmail account. Go to the options of ‘Folders’ on the left pane, click at gear icon right. Select “Manage Folders,” now go to the bottom of page and find ‘Total.’
  • You are required to manage the messages left in inbox and in your ‘Sent’ and ‘Deleted folders instead of erasing them forever from Hotmail account. These factors count the storage space.
  • Now start to create the subfolders to stock inbox messages. Right click the ‘Inbox’ and select ‘New subfolder’ and write the folders name, shift all selected messages here. Otherwise, click the gear sign next to ‘Folders’ and select the ‘Add a new folder’ and transfer your messages.

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