Recover Hotmail Password | How to Hotmail Password Recovery Process

Recover Hotmail Password : Have you forgotten the password of your Hotmail email account? Here, you would be directed to know all about how to get your Hotmail account back. Sometimes, you forget your Hotmail sign in password or it is hacked by another person. This problem is increasing day by day in all over the world among internet users. You wish to get back your account because you have hundreds of thousands of data and important emails there in your account. Let’s recover Hotmail password to get back all the data.

So, if your Hotmail password has been stolen or you have forgotten your account password, Hotmail is offering a number of ways to get back your password.

The process to Recover Hotmail Password:

According to the Microsoft, it is a weakness in Hotmail that allows hackers to re-tune the password for your account. It makes an account lock for the real owner and lets the hacker to get into your inbox. Recently, it is reported that hackers offered to hack any of the Hotmail accounts for just in $20.

It looks that there is a liability lives in Hotmail’s account recovery aspect. In some previous days, the hackers were capable to utilize a Firefox add-on named Tamper Data to avoid the usual security locates in the place to secure Hotmail accounts.

So, the issue is that the hackers take an advantage of this weakness and plans to reset the accounts of about 13 million users in their ownership.

These steps can be taken in this regard to get your Hotmail account back:

  • First of all, open your browser and go to
  • Click on the link “Can’t access your account”
  • To recover your password, enter your Hotmail account and the characters shown in the image there
  • Enter the words named (the Captcha)
  • Click on the “Next” button option
  • To reset or recover Hotmail password, choose an option given below


They ask you whether you want to receive your reset link in your mobile or in your email account.

Certainly, hackers do not just concern in stealing or breaking into your account, but they want to reach to your spam. They wish to steal your identity and maybe they get your bank details and any other documents from your account. When your account will be in their hands, good hopes can be made from them.

The hackers can attack any one of the 350 million users. Some other reasons can lock your account such as you may forget your account password, if this, then it is not a serious problem because you will get your account back soon.

Try the following instructions:


  • Try to remember the security question which you have set for your account
  • Check your other messengers’ accounts to find out the warnings and other details of your lost password.

Typically, you use your account or check emails messages after a couple of days and forget your password. This creates problems for you. Never share your password with any other person while chatting to someone even your business partners or close friends and finally, do not save your password in your email or on your PC.

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