Bookmark MSN Hotmail Inbox

You can easily bookmark MSN Hotmail inbox by Sign in the; new users are required to create new account to take benefit of bookmark feature. So we assume you are existing member of MSN Hotmail and looking to solve this issue.

Here our Hotmail experts will guide you all tips & tricks in simple and easy way to resolve the email related problems, just stay and keep reading this article to bookmark the MSN Hotmail inbox.

If you are frequently using interface then it is highly desired to free yourself from headache of again and again sing in and sign out Hotmail and willing book mark the MSN Hotmail inbox to make the life easy.

But keep remember that other people don’t have access to your computer, otherwise they can easily access the inbox of Hotmail. So let’s start how to bookmark Hotmail interface.

Bookmark MSN Hotmail Inbox

  • You can easily create favorite or bookmark Hotmail inbox of MSN, open the browse and follow the link to create the favorite and new bookmark.
  • Give the appropriate name of new bookmark such as My Hotmail inbox
  • Now by using the new created inbox visit the Hotmail login page
  • Now again enter the login information and confirm that ‘remember my password’ options is checked
  • Click the sign in button to access your Hotmail inbox
  • You have successfully bookmark the MSN Hotmail inbox and you are not required to enter the user name and password again

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