How to Close Hotmail Account – 4 Steps

Microsoft still claims that it has millions of Hotmail users, on the other side quantity of searches for how to close Hotmail account increases day by day. May be Microsoft saying right and the figure may include huge number of people who don’t use their Hotmail account and thus includes a huge number of idle accounts. You can close your Hotmail account or outlook account by using simple steps written below but you should consider some actions before deleting your Hotmail account and ending up its life. Primarily you should backup all of your important data on the account which may be placed either on OneDrive, Xbox purchases, Microsoft Store purchases, Emails, contacts & others.

Consider Complexities for Closing Hotmail Account

Before you complete all the procedures for closing your Hotmail account, you should consider some complexities you may face after closing your account. The ramifications which you may confront with should be solved at earlier stage and with great care, this will avoid any repentance when you confront with any problem in your life.

  • Utilize all of the money in your paid account
  • Pay any outstanding balance
  • Now scrub your paid account
  • Inform people (Contacts) about deleting this account
  • Back-Up your data & Contacts
  • Review the services affected by closing this account

How To Close Hotmail Account In 4 Steps

  • Open this window in your browser to Close Hotmail Account
  • On the sign in screen enter the details of username & password, and then you will be taken to ownership verification page.
  • Here you have to verify your ownership to that specific Hotmail account, select the option to receive verification code which you feel fast and more reachable for you.
  • Provide a reason, for which you are going to close your Microsoft Hotmail account.
  • Submit your request to close your Hotmail account.

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Remember That..!

Your account will be deleted from Microsoft Database within 60-days, you can normally sign in to your account during these 60 days but after this period the username will be available for new registration, and all the data, contact & emails will be removed within these 60 days.

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