How to Delete Hotmail Account : Close your Microsoft account

Hotmail was the most famous public email service in 1990s if you still have a Hotmail account & want to know how to delete it read this article in detail. People in this century moves to other services for their free email account instead of Hotmail, many reasons under lie behind the scenario which works for the down fall of Hotmail in the real world. Some of the main reason includes the obsolete user interface, bad user experience and growing number of errors in service. Microsoft tried hard to overcome the problem and in steps include the introduction of in 2013 and transition of in to it which shows some deep work on the service in the term of design, user interface and options available for the service deliverance. First of all read the prerequisites carefully before attempting to read content about how to delete Hotmail account.

Prerequisites For Deleting Hotmail Account

  • Change the account status from paid to a free account. you can’t delete a Hotmail account which is linked to paid subscription
  • The account will automatically closes after the duration of 365-days of inactivity. Another point to note that is by using the process explained below, you are submitting a request to delete your account which may take about 270 days to actually delete your account from the data base completely.
  • If you want to delete an account permanently, you must have to delete it on all of the domains like, and others. (all the domains on which you have signed in to)
  • You will also need an internet connection with a good speed to browse internet and a better performing PC to support the internet speed delivery perfectly.
  • Spend all the money in your account by purchasing things from Xbox or Windows Store. See your Account Balance by Signing in to Account
  • To cancel the subscriptions linked to your Hotmail account Visit this link Sign in To See Subscriptions & Plans on Microsoft Account Website
  • Inform your contact about deleting your account, and tell them the other way they can contact you.
  • If you have thousands of contacts, “Send them an automatic Email” for this click on the Settings button at the top right corner and select Options from the drop-down
  • From the new screen select the Send Automated Vacation Replies under the heading saying Managing Your Account.
  • Back Up your Data, make a backup of your important data which you don’t want to lost, that may be emails, documents, pictures, data on Health Vault, buying history, Skype contacts, messenger contacts data etc.
  • Don’t forget to manage your kid’s Hotmail account; if you delete your account, then your child will need parent consent before using many of Microsoft services like Xbox, Windows tablet, Windows Phone etc. you can give your consent from another account, point to remember is that your child’s account will not be closed even yours is.

Delete Hotmail Account in 6 Steps

From the right corner of your Hotmail inbox, click on the Settings icon and select Options. A new screen will appear.

Now click on the Account Details (password, addresses & time zone) here you will find an option to close your account. Select this and follow the instruction.

Delete Hotmail Account

How to Delete Hotmail Account : Close your Microsoft account Method 2

  1. Open directly Close Account Confirmation Page
  2. Sign in to your account and verify your ownership of account.
  3. Cross check the email account which you want to delete and move Next
  4. Now cross check the list points from the new screen & mark them to confirm that you have over-viewed it
  5. Now select the reason for which you are closing the account
  6. Finally select Mark account for closure

Now wait 60 days until Microsoft permanently deletes your account from its database, if you want to take some important date which you forget during recent backup time, you can take it within those 60 days of processing for account closing.

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