Hotmail Outlook Notes – Setup Vacation Message in Outlook

Hotmail Outlook notes is the great feature while you have planned a holiday and to manage the customers and contact members while you will not hear them anymore. Hotmail help you with note feature to automatically set up the notifications for contact list and inform them when you will be back.

You can set up vacation messages in Hotmail is vital, if you are planning a vacation or business trip and also willing to avoid frustrated contacts!

Hotmail Outlook notes

How to Set Up Hotmail Outlook Vacation Messages

  • You can set up Hotmail vacation messages, first log in the account and click the gear icon in the upper right corner. From the menu, select Options. The Options window will open. On the left side click Email Organize> vacation messages.
  • You can see that the options for the organization of vacation messages with gray color and you are not been able to edit it. You can enable these options, by send the notices of absences button.
  • Wait for the options have been activated, you can move forward by selecting a start and end date for sending vacation messages (for example, first and last day of your holiday). All is done by ‘Only through this time send’ selects.
  • Start your write up and recipient will receive a text message into the text field. Click Save. It is done holiday message.

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