How to Block Emails on Hotmail – Outlook

Hotmail a free webmail platform by Microsoft which is now offers you to block an email or domain, read about how to block emails on Hotmail or live account explained in easy steps. It is estimated that a huge percentage of total emails sent in the world is covered by spam or junk emails, so this is oblivious that you should also receive some emails in your Hotmail inbox which are spam and you want to block that user which sends such bad emails to you on regular basis.

Outlook allows its users to block any email or a complete domain to send emails to your inbox, you can implement this in the few steps which are written below explaining about how to block emails on Hotmail, the steps are same for blocking a complete domain.

Steps To Block an Email or Domain on Hotmail

  • Connect your computer/PC to the internet and open your browser
  • Enter this URL in the address bar of your browser & sign in to your Hotmail account
  • Skip all the messages came on your screen and take your mouse cursor on the Settings button in the upper right corner of the screen. Now select the OPTIONS from the dropped menu.
  • From the new windows find the menu heading with “PREVENTING JUNK EMAILS” under this heading click on the option named as ‘Safe and Blocked Senders’
  • Now from this page you can see your list of previously blocked emails or domains when you go on the option in BLUE with heading ‘BLOCKED SENDERS’
  • If you want to block an email to block spam emails, or just want to block that sender due to any other reason. Enter the email address in the most left field and click on the ‘Grey’ button under it with name saying “Add to List”

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