Hotmail Account Hacked – What To Do?

If you confront with a situation in which you are searching for Hotmail account hacked, it may be a bad experience for you. Fortunately Hotmail serves way to recover your hacked account, out there are many reasons which can lead to a hacked Hotmail account you can further investigate the underlying reason for your account.

Hotmail Account Hacked – What To Do?

Hackers use different methods to get your password for your Hotmail account, these methods includes MALWARE, PHISHING & OTHER INTERNET SOURCE.

  1. Malware Method work in your computer and it collects your searches and keystroke behavior from your computer and sends it to hacker.
  2. In Phishing Method, different tricks are used to trap in a user and manage the computer to send saved password to hacker.
  3. In Other Internet Sources, hacker can get your password from a site on which you are member with same email account & password. Or you have emailed your password to anyone which is not sync and hacker broke in to it. There are many other options available depending on your usage of internet.

Before Attempting To Recover Your Hotmail Account

  1. Scan your Computer For Malware Or Viruses

Before recovering your Hotmail account, you should scan your PC for malware and viruses which may help hacker to receive your password, these can come with software, tool bars or any other program you have downloaded from internet. Use an updated Anti-virus to scan your computer from the viruses and malwares.

If you don’t have any antivirus installed, then use other options offered by Microsoft including Microsoft Security Essentials for windows 7 and Windows Defender for Windows 8.1

Steps to Recover Your Hotmail Account Hacked

If you don’t have password for your account, and hacker changed the password, simply go to the login page of your Hotmail account and enter the email address in the email address bar.

Now click on the link Cant access your account? and then click on the forgot my password option

Enter the email address again, and then click on the option to verify the account ownership, here you go.

You will receive the verification code on the medium you selected in the option, enter the code and you will be able to access the Microsoft Password Resetting tool.

Reset your password and enjoy the account re-take from hacker

Tips For A More Secure Hotmail Account

  • Change your password regularly
  • Make a strong password each time, use a mix of upper & lower case with some numeric and special characters.
  • Make your passwords long, don’t use short & common dictionary words which are easy to guess like (1234, admin, password etc.)

Important Note: Microsoft system automatically detects a hacked account, and when the account is hacked it automatically changes the email account settings including email addresses, forwarding, reply to address, auto-reply option,

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