Hotmail SMTP Settings – Configure SMTP Server of Hotmail

Hotmail provides an option to its user to use email account with other clients like outlook, Thunderbird or Mozilla for this Hotmail SMTP settings are needed to setup the email server according to the required configuration.

If you are setting up your Hotmail SMTP server to initiate an online campaign, you should know about the covenants which Hotmail own SMTP server puts on the outgoing mails. The limit in which you are bound to send mails from Hotmail account is 300 mails per day and each mail can contain maximum of 100 recipients. So, avoid Hotmail account if you are going to use it for email campaigns out there are many other paid services for this which you can buy out. Some free services also offer you an account to send bulk emails one time in their DEMO versions.

Hotmail SMTP Settings in 5 Steps

Open the dialog box of SMTP server settings, from where it is available (according to your email application) and enter the details given as follow in the respective field

SMTP Server Name:

Email Client Username: Your Hotmail Email address

Email Client Password: Your Hotmail Account Password

SMTP Port: 25 or 465

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