How Do I Change My Hotmail Password

Microsoft provides its public email service Hotmail, today known as Outlook or windows live mail. How do I change password is an easy how to question & this guide is going to help you in setting-up a new password for your account. Resetting password of Hotmail account can be done in 6 easy steps presented with picture, but before proceeding to it you should consider some quick overview given below for your query of how do i change my Hotmail password.

How Do I Change My Hotmail Password – Quick Forward

  • Your account should be atleast used once in last 365 days.
  • You should have authentic credentials for login to your account, this will helpful to you in changing password in 2 minutes
  • If you forgot your password or email address use this LINK


Method 2 For Changing Hotmail Password

  1. If you fall in the second option given above, then login to your account.
  2. Click on the Settings ICON and select the Options link from the drop down appeared on the screen.
  3. From the next screen click on the very first link in anchor with text saying “ACCOUNT DETAILS (PASSWORD, ADDRESSES, TIME ZONE)” wait 2, 3 seconds until the next page appears.
  4. Now from the top navigation click on the last menu saying “Security & Privacy” and here you will see the option on the top to change password under the sub-menu heading of ACCOUNT SECURITY.
  5. As you go on the ‘CHANGE PASSWORD’ screen, you have to provide a proof of your identity (Account ownership) before changing the password of your account.
  6. Choose the method which fit your situation, if you click “I don’t have any of these” then Microsoft account screen will take you to a set of questions which will asks some questions specific to your account to prove your ownership to that account. Be sure with your answer, be calm & give your answer to perfect precision so that it will easy to recover your account.
  7. After successful ownership authentication you will be there to change your password, first of all enter your current password and then enter the new password which you want to setup on the Hotmail account and don’t forget to save the new settings otherwise you will lost your work and will have to retread again.

Recover Hotmail Account : Recover your Microsoft account

If you lost Hotmail account then don’t need to worry and follow the instructions to recover Hotmail account. As it is notices that outlook users are often question that my Hotmail account is blocked, this time they attempt may tires to recover the email account and sometime forget alternate email address also.

Recover Hotmail Account : Recover your Microsoft account

So while the process of Hotmail sign up process, remember you have entered the security questions and alternate email address. It makes some sense that if you forget your Hotmail ID then there are some processes to recover it by aforesaid discussed ways.


You can easily recover the Hotmail email account by using alternate email address or if you remember the answers of secret questions.

How to Recover Hotmail Account

  • Browse the official Hotmail page
  • Go to bottom of page and click the can’t access your account
  • You will be redirected to new page with many options
  • Now choose ‘I forget my password’
  • Click the ‘reset your password’
  • You are asked to enter the blocked Hotmail ID or User name, fill the Captcha and click the next button
  • Now click the ‘I can’t use any of these options’
  • Once you recover the Hotmail account then must enter your alternate email account under the heading of contact email address and follow next button
  • Wait for appearing the ‘Account info page’ and enter the details as asked and submit it
  • You have successfully recovered your favorite email Hotmail account

Hotmail Password Recovery – Microsoft’s

If you have lost your Hotmail (Outlook) account and want to recover it, then here are the steps for forgot password recovery in easy steps to reset your account status and ownership. Microsoft has developed a tool online which helps to person like you for Hotmail password recovery from official sources by answering some simple questions to provide a proof of your ownership to that account. the process involved in recovering an account is about 5 – 7 steps long and depends on the option (radio button) which you choose at each question asked.

Hotmail Password Recovery – Microsoft’s


  • If you don’t enabled 2-step verification on your Hotmail account then you should use this LINK to file a request for resetting your password.


For Other Cases

If you don’t fall in the option discussed above, then open this LINK in your browser as the screen opens you will see 3-OPTIONS;

  • Select the one which you consider best for your case and move to next screen
  • In the new window, enter the complete Hotmail email address which you want to recover and then enter the CAPTCHA code.
  1. After moving to new screen, it’s time to verify your ownership to that account, select the method which fits you to provide an identity proof.
  2. If you don’t have any of listed identity proof then click the last option saying “I don’t have any of these” this option will take you to a set of questions which helps company to identify your ownership of account.
  • If you use the Method 1 to verify your identity, then you will receive a link to reset your password of your lost Hotmail account.
  • But if METHOD 2 is used then it may take about 24-hrs to get a reply with a link of password reset option.